Emergency Roof Repair

A Tree That's Fallen on a Roof.

What Can Cause an Emergency?

There are many things that are able to cause an emergency situation for your roof. One of these things is a fire. If your roof, or a nearby tree, has been struck by lightning, there is always a chance that a spark could start a fire on your roof. We all know how destructive fire can be, so this is scary but true. Once the fire has been put out, call us immediately to help begin repairs and protect your roof from more damage. Another cause of an emergency roof need can come from a thunderstorm or a rainstorm. The rain can cause leaks, rip seams, or other issues very quickly. High winds can cause large branches to scrape your roof or trees to fall over and hit your home. Sometimes your home may be in the path of a tornado or be impacted because one is nearby. In Arlington, TX, it seems like storms get worse and more frequent each year. We know that, during these times, you want to be secure in knowing that, if something were to happen to your roof, someone would be there to help fix it. At Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. we really understand how you feel, and we are ready and able to be there for you in your times of need. Call us when you are experiencing an emergency roofing need!

One reason that can cause you to need emergency roof repair, is if your roof was poorly installed. Poorly installed roofs are much more susceptible to damage from a simple storm. If you have noticed that your roof seems put together in a way that is not acceptable or satisfying, give us a call, and we can fix someone else’s mess for you easily. Similarly, if you have gone a while without any roof inspections or maintenance, you may be ignoring issues that need to be addressed. These issues, if left unfixed, can lead to the need for emergency roof repair in Arlington, TX. However, there is help out there and a good roofing company can assist you with the process. For emergency roof repairs, call us at 817-277-3131!

What to Do When Your Roof Is Damaged

After you discover that you have a roofing issue, it is imperative to get your insurance involved. You need to contact them, so they can come out and see what the damage is too. Filing a roof claim should be able to alleviate some of the burdens of paying for a repair. Then it is time to get the roof fixed or replaced. This is where a high-quality roofing company comes in. Getting your emergency roof repair in Arlington, TX may seem daunting, but not for a company that has been in the business for as long as we have been. We can take charge of the process for you. We will talk with your insurance and work with them, and then get to work on your roof. We will make sure the hole is covered even before we start the work. We don’t want you to be subject to further damages.

A Storm-Damaged Roof

Call Our Roofers Today!

We have been in the Arlington, TX area for over 40 years. We have seen many roofs that have been damaged by lack of maintenance, improper installation, and even storm damage. Whatever the reason is for your roofing emergency, know that we are here to help you! Our roofing contractors have the skills and experience to repair major and minor roof damages. Unsure if your roofing issue constitutes a roofing emergency? If you can’t wait until the next day for roof repairs, then that would be considered an emergency. To speak with someone immediately about getting emergency roof repair in Arlington, TX, contact our office at 817-277-3131! We will get your roofing system back in great shape!