Roof Hail Damage Repairs

Hail On a Roofing System.

Big or Small, We Will Fix the Problem

Hail is a problem that you can’t really see coming. Many storms have the capability to produce hail, and regardless of whether it consisted of large stones or not, they can do some real damage to anything they touch. Your roof is included in that list. You never know when you will need roof hail damage repair in Arlington, TX, and you must get it looked at and fixed in a hurry. Any delay could be detrimental to your roof. Anyone in this area can talk to Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. about a problem like this. We want to help you get your roof back in working order and we always offer competitive rates. To make an appointment, call our office at 817-277-3131!

Why Hail Damage Repair Is Important

When it comes to damage from hail, it is something that you may not think is a big deal. However, it really can be. If you feel like hail has damaged your home, it is something that you should report immediately. Even a small hole can become big overnight. You should also pay special attention to roof material when you survey the damage. If they are ripped or missing, this is a problem. It can even be serious if the finish is missing from the roof. Each type of roofing material is designed for a special purpose and if the exterior of them is compromised, the whole thing needs to be replaced. Think of a strip of sandpaper that has no more sand; it will no longer do its job. The same is true with your roofing system. If even the top layer is damaged, you will need to fix the entire thing to ensure it is working correctly. Do this inspection as soon as possible, especially if more storms are forecast soon after hail has affected you. Be sure to call your insurance company to come to have a look around as well.

After the insurance company confirms that you need roof hail damage repair in Arlington, TX, you then need to find a roofer to complete the work. You shouldn’t hire just anyone, you need someone you can count on and know will do a great job. At Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. we are able to repair hail damage, big or small! Give us a call to learn more!

A Hail Dent On a Asphalt Shingle.

Professional Repair Service

With Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. we offer references on jobs that we have completed in the past. We have nothing to hide. We will also come over and estimate how much it will cost for repairs. We will not charge you for this estimate. When it comes to a roof hail damage repair in Arlington, TX, we take each one very seriously. We have experience working with all the top brands and types of roofing, so we will be able to install replacement shingles in a knowledgeable way. If you need a replacement roof, we are able to handle it.

We are able to not only install whatever roof you want, but we can tell you all about materials that are better suited to stand up to hail and other weather hazards. This may be able to prevent you from getting the same type of damage again. In the event that you have a gaping hole in your roof, we will bring a tarp to cover the damage. We want you to be protected, even before we start the work. These services are available to anyone in the surrounding areas. We have plenty of experience with roof hail damage repair in Arlington, TX, and want to meet you. Call us at 817-277-3131 for hail damage, wind damage, or other storm damage repair.