Hotel and Apartment Roofing

A Beige and Green Apartment Complex.

Repair and Installation Service

All roofs are important, but the roofing for an apartment or a hotel accommodates many more people than a single-family home. This is a great thing, but it can also make a structure more vulnerable to breaking down. There are special issues that can come up when you have large buildings, and an apartment roof installation takes skill and experience. Not every company you can find online will be able to help you out with your apartment roof repair. Companies, like ours, have had extensive experience over the years working with apartment and hotel roofing systems, making us a great option when looking for a company to repair or replace your roof. At Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. we have completed hotel and apartment roof installation in Arlington, TX. We are able to provide high-quality services for both hotels and apartments, since we have been in business and providing results since 1977. Call our commercial roofers at 817-277-3131 to schedule an appointment today!

What Our Roofers Can Do for You

In the Arlington, TX area, you can call us to get a free estimate on your hotel or apartment structures. Commercial buildings are something we are licensed to work on and fix. We can lend a hand with multiple types of services regarding these types of buildings. We can handle everything from preventative maintenance to complete replacements. If you incur damage in a storm and require a hotel or apartment roof repair in Arlington, TX, we are able to provide assistance with that. We are always willing to talk to your insurance company and see what can be done. We can talk about what you need and how we can provide you with results that will make everyone happy, whether it’s hotel roof installation or apartment roof repair.

Even flat roofs are no problem, as we work with whatever type of roof you have. When it comes to apartment roof installation, we are able to offer things like TPO, modified bitumen, and other types of commercial roofs that will protect your buildings for years to come. If you own or run an apartment or hotel building in the Arlington area, you should give us a call at 817-277-3131. We can offer apartment and hotel roof repair, as well as hotel and apartment roof installation in Arlington, TX.