What Are the Best-Rated Asphalt Roofing Shingles?

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Today, many homeowners are all about alternate types of roofing materials. They’re going with ceramic tile or metal roofing both for appearances and energy efficiency. But what about asphalt shingle roofing?  Many advances have been made with this line of roofing material, including making it more energy-efficient. 

As you are looking at the different types of roofing materials, have a roofing specialist show you the differences in the asphalt shingle roof materials. From the basic 3-tab asphalt shingle to the architectural style asphalt shingle roof material, each has their own benefits. When a tight budget is the main factor, the basic 3-tab style is the way to go, but there are different qualities available in those as well. 

What is asphalt roofing made from?

Even with the trend for ceramic and metal roofing, asphalt shingle roofs are still the most common roofs in the country. Today, there are different types of asphalt shingles, but the basic manufacturing of them is the same 

Mat Base: Today, asphalt shingle roofing material starts with either an organic base consisting of wastepaper and cellulose or an inorganic base of fiberglass, which is the better of the two. The organic mat base is vulnerable as the top layers wear off whereas the fiberglass base mat is more water-resistant. 

Asphalt: On top of the base mat, an asphalt blend is applied for the asphalt and a filler type mineral is mixed together and applied to the base for waterproofing purposes. Another component is added to make the asphalt shingle roofing material fire resistant and then the finished product is aerated so that the shingle material is flexible so that it can be installed easier. 

Granules: Next the part we see from the ground, a layer of crushed rock, aka granules, are applied in an uncolored state or in any of the many asphalt shingle colors that can match any architectural color of a home. Other substances added at this time include an algae resistance material and a reflective material.  

How long does asphalt roofing last?

Asphalt shingle roof material is available in an architectural style; these are thicker asphalt shingle materials consisting of stacked layers of basic shingles that are then coated in asphalt. They are a little more expensive than the basic asphalt shingle roof material, but the architectural shingle has a longer lifespan. This means a roof made from architectural shingles won’t need replacing as soon, giving you more roof for your money. 

Of course, when comparing asphalt shingles vs metal roof lifespans, where the architectural asphalt shingle roof material will last up to 30 years, the metal roofing does have a longer lifespan. A standing seam metal roof, the most popular choice for residential installation, can last up to 50 years or longer. This is why many homeowners are ditching shingles altogether and opting for a metal roof installation. 

When should asphalt shingles be replaced?

With professional inspections annually, small issues can be caught and fixed before they become a larger problem like leaking with asphalt shingle roofs. The maintenance and repairs of any type of roofing is important so as not to jeopardize the home’s structure with more damage. 

The type of roofing materials used, the climate and environment, as well as the maintenance of the roof will all affect the frequency at which a new roof is needed. The following is a basic recommendation for different roofing materials: 

  • Composition Roofing Shingles: 12 to 20 years
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing: 15 to 30 years
  • Wood Shingle Roofing: 20 to 25 years
  • Rubber Roofing: 30 to 50 years
  • Metal Roofing: 50 to 75 years

High humidity, long-term exposure to UV rays, and severe winter weather can take a toll on any type of roofing, but asphalt shingle roofing especially. After any significant type of weather, it is recommended to have your roof professional inspected for possible damage.  From hailstones to high winds, asphalt shingle roofing can be damaged in ways that aren’t visible from the ground or by the untrained eye. 

What is the cost of asphalt shingles?

There are several factors that can affect asphalt shingle roofing material. The average cost today in the North Texas area can range from $125 up to $150 per square for the architectural asphalt shingle roofing material. This can end up costing up to $30,000 depending on the size of the roof.

Final Comments

To get the most from your asphalt shingle roof, do your own visual inspection once a month, inside and outside your home. Have it professionally cleaned by a contractor that knows how to clean an asphalt shingle roof once or twice a year, as well.

And when it needs any repairs, call the roofing contractor that installed it or any experienced roofing contractor that knows how to repair an asphalt shingle roof that is licensed and insured. Never use anyone to repair your roofing that isn’t licensed locally or insured. Ask for recent references and follow through by checking those references. Your roof is the most important component of your home when it comes to protection.