Emergency Roof Repair Services

Rain flows down from a roof

Learn More About Emergency Roof Repair

There can many issues that can arise from a passing storm that can develop the need for emergency roof repair. Get the help that you require by getting your emergency roof repair done by a professional. Ultimately you’ll be able to get additional help with other matters such as making a roof insurance claim and having a roof inspection to diagnose roofing problems. When it comes to an emergency roof repair there can however be a situation where temporary fixes can be made until more in-depth repairs can be made. Here is some information that may prove useful regarding an emergency roof repair.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

A common emergency roof repair situation can involve a leaking roof. When you see that there is heavy rain it can turn into an emergency especially when hail and high winds are involved. With roofing punctures during a rainstorm, you can see water damages develope in both the interior and exterior of your home.

How do I temporarily fix a leaking roof?

You can fix a leaking roof temporarily by applying a tarp over the roof or other types of coverage in order to prevent any further water infiltration from rain. Another way you can conduct a temporary emergency roof repair is to seal and cover holes in your attic with caulk, flashing and wood. Applying emergency roof repair sealant can be a great way to fill in punctures, holes or cracks made on certain roofing materials.

How much does it cost to tarp a roof?

A good way to have the temporary fix before emergency roof repair comes around is to have someone tarp your roof. It could be that another storm will occur before a worker can come out so a roofing contractor will install an emergency tarp. On average the emergency tarp installation can cost between $200-$500 based on paying for the tarp and strips of wood that secures the tarp itself, the cost of labor, and emergency premium charges that are incurred for emergency roof repair services.

Emergency Roof Repair Prices

24 hour emergency roof repair will have premium or heightened prices away from regular roofing services. If you feel like you can wait a day or more it may be better for your budget to consider scheduling a regular repair service appointment.

Does roof leak cover by insurance?

When there is a leak caused by an unexpected storm it is typically covered by the insurance company depending on the policy. An “act of God,” “unexpected circumstance,” or type of “peril” are all terms typically used for insurance coverage yet it’s important to note that there can be conditions such as the age of your roof taken into consideration. Also, if there are exclusions in your policy, like with wind or hail exclusion, those types of situations won’t be covered. Some policies will also only cover repairs but not the cost of labor. If you have an emergency roof repair first make sure to see if your policy covers those prices as there is extra money implied for that type of service.

Close up of hand hammering needle into an asphalt shingle

How to Make Emergency Roof Repair

  • Tarp Roof
  • Apply Roof Sealant or Caulk
  • Patch Holes
  • Insert Missing Flashing & Shingles Over Filled Holes
  • Lay Roofing Felt/Tar Paper Over Missing Shingles

Can roof repairs be done in rain?

Although technically a roof repair can be repaired when it’s raining most professional roof contractors won’t work when it’s raining as it can be unsafe. Certain roofing materials can be slippery when wet and can make it vulnerable to workers. Safety should be a primary concern when it comes to roofing repairs and caution should be taken into consideration.

How long does it take to replace a roof on a house?

For residential homes, a roof replacement will typically take 2 days as the first-day involves removing existing materials and the second day would be used to install the new roof. Yet depending on the size of your roof, the weather, worker availability, materials arriving on time and other factors you may see the process extending to accommodate these circumstances.  Even with emergency roof repair services, a temporary fix may be applied until proper conditions are met.

Contact A Professional Roofer For Further Care

When you’re in need of immediate assistance contact your local roofing company to set up an emergency roof repair appointment. Representatives are typically available 24/7 for these unexpected circumstances with a worker on-call to go to your property as soon as possible. Make sure that if such structures like skylights need repair you mention that you may need additional services like skylight repair. Ultimately emergency roof repair can be great for situations where leaks or severe damages require immediate attention. Get in touch with your local roofer now to schedule an emergency roof repair for the betterment of your property.

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