TPO Roof Repair & Installation

A Roofer Performing the Sealing Process for a TPO Roof.

Quality Roofing You Can Depend On

There are multiple types of commercial roofing you can choose when you need to replace an older model. In recent years, a higher number of lightweight products have been created, so there are some great choices that you can take advantage of. One of those products is TPO roofing. TPO stands for thermoplastic olefin, which is just a fancy word for a special type of polymer. TPO is a good replacement if you have old flat roofing on your commercial property. A TPO installation will essentially be an upgrade in either case. There are also multiple pros when it comes to this type of roof. To learn more about TPO roofing for your Arlington, TX building, dial 817-277-3131!

There Are Advantages

TPO roofing provides a very powerful barrier to protect your building. It keeps things like mold from growing and the seams are able to line up perfectly, so leaks are a thing that will be rare. It consists of a single ply, which is highly flexible. This flexibility allows it to fit great on roofs of all shapes. It is also less costly than other things on the market. You can get a roof that is strong and durable without having to pay extra money. It is even easier for roofers to use since it weighs less and can conform to the area being covered. Sealing it is straightforward too. This allows it to help block the heat. You shouldn’t have to run your air conditioner on full blast when you have a TPO roof in Arlington, TX covering your building.

We Can Help You

Anyone that lives in this area can trust Frazier Roofing & Guttering Co., Inc. for TPO roofing in Arlington, TX. We have experience working with this material and have been in business for more than 40 years. We never use low-quality equipment because we stand behind our work. If you want to see what we are capable of, give us a call at 817-277-3131. We will come out, look at your building, and provide a free estimate. Then we can discuss what to expect when you get a TPO roof. We are waiting for your call!